Amar Kanwar

Amar Kanwar discusses ‘The Lightning Testimonies’ (2007) as a response to the act of sexual violence order to exert power in times of political conflict in the Indian subcontinent between 1947 – 2006. 
Amar Kanwar describes his work as visual artist and social activist on the occasion of ‘Louder than Words: Global Leaders on the Frontline of Culture’
Amar Kanwar discusses his piece  A Season outside (1998) and his evolving piece A Sovereign Forest in conjunction with Experiments in Truth: Ghandi and Images of Nonviolence at the Menil Collection
 The Sovereign Forest explores the impact of mining and commercial intersts in Odisha (Orissa) India highlighting issues of ownership of land, rights to resources, issues of and food sovereignity. The exhibition was held at the  Yorkshire Sculpture Park  
The Many Faces of Madness is a short film that emerges from the reality of destruction and the appropriation of the commons in India.
Part of the Kochi Muziris Bienniale Let’s Talk interview series, Amar Kanwar discusses his life and the experiences that his shaped his work over the past two decades.

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